Footage from NUBIA                  Video by Austin Nunes
BROOKLYN / 2020 


              The Band at the End of the World is a new apocolyptic musical film by folk-funk trio Bandits on the Run directed by SRĐA. Filmed on location at the abandoned Goodwill Theatre in Johnson City, New York, The Band at the End of the World was released in October 2020 as a part of Prospect Theatre Company’s VISION Series.  

The near-future musical fable follows the Bandits as they discover a mysterious, glowing radio on thier journey through a new landscape devoid of human contact and music. 

The film features performances by Adrian Blake Enscoe, Sydney Torin Shepherd and Regina Strayhorn. Cinamatography + Editing by Bart Cortwright. Lighting Design by Adam Honoré. Sound Design by Marian Gomez Villota. Scenic + Projection Design by Lianne Arnold. 

The Band at the End of the World is an official selection of the New York Indepdent Theatre Film Festival. 

👻  Watch here.

“Well, that was spooky.” ― Roy Dodger