Footage from NUBIA                  Video by Austin Nunes
BROOKLYN / 2020 


            SRĐA has worked as a resident director of Theatre for One (T41), Chirstine Jones’ one-on-one theatrical experience since 2018. SRĐA’s work with the booth has brough SRĐA around the country and world, directing singular audience experiences and leading residencies and master-classes in the theatrical techniques of Theatre for One. 

SRĐA recently launched the European premiere of Theatre for One alongside Octopus Theatricals and Landmark Productions at the Cork Midsummer Festival followed by the Abbey Theatre in Dublin. The work was described “unutterably powerful. Moving, intimate, visceral, the superlatives line up like people queueing for tickets.”  

SRĐA has led residencies at the Princeton University, the University of Arkansas, and Fairfield Universty, taught master-classes at the American University in Beirut and Loyola University and worked as an artistic consultant on Theatre for One’s most recent virtual residencies. 

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“’Immersive doesn’t even begin to describe this.” ― The New York Times