Footage from NUBIA                  Video by Austin Nunes
BROOKLYN / 2020 



             Vote. was a 20-episode digital P.S.A. series created by SRĐA in the wake of the 2020 Election. Filmed in two months + across five states, Vote. was released in the 20 Days leading up to the 2020 Election accumulating over 400,000 views across Instagram & TikTok and shares by Ariana Grande + A Late Show with Stephen Colbert. 

Built as a time capsule of the moment before the election, each episode was developed alongside a featured creator from the worlds of drag, music, comedy, TikTok and beyond.

Vote. featured BeBe Zahara Benet, Hilton Dresden, Bandits on the Run, Julia Shiplett, Sasha Smith, Marty Miller, Lauren Karaman, Megan Mitchell, Natalie Llerna, Yoke Lore, Stefani Robinson, Marcos González, Misha Lambert, Gabe Gibbs, Darius the Barbarian, Grace Baldridge, Joshua Charles Parker, Rachel Brunner, Shea Gomez and MoHeart.

Produced by Maggie Renshaw. Edited by Drew van Steenbergen. Original Music by The Canteen Killa. Motion Graphics by Matt Rudinksi. Coloring by Johan Anderson. In Partnership with YNB and Better Know A Ballot.

🗳  Watch here. 

“The one thing you've got going: your one vote.”Shirley Chisholm